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The top 10 myths of business law:

  1. The most effective attorneys are the most expensive, and out of reach for all but the largest companies
  2. Lawyers always stand in the way of effective decision making, good policy, and innovation
  3. Attorneys are siloed experts who hoard knowledge and don’t interact with business partners
  4. An attorney’s job is just giving advice; clients bear all responsibility of implementing the advice
  5. You have to put up with bad customer service to get the legal advice you need
  6. Attorneys have nothing to do with business growth and activating business missions
  7. Getting practical business advice and resources from attorneys is just about impossible
  8. Attorneys run the “Department on NO,” and are unfamiliar with how to innovate
  9. Every aspect of business is risky, but the right attorney can eliminate risk
  10. Dotting legal i’s and crossing legal t’s always slows down the speed of business

But here at Continuum Legal, NONE of these myths is true.

Join our movement, and see for yourself how we Debunk. Each. One.