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“…My company relies on Koby for legal support just about every day…”
- Pierre Leboulleux | CTO, Vennfrog

Virtual & in-person legal services include:

A continual bridge between legal & business needs

Continuum will address your business and legal requirements—from simple needs such as employment contracts, to complex projects like mergers and acquisitions and strategy. Our at-the-ready training educates your team to take action—fast. And you can bundle services for a custom package.

Strategy & structure

Tap our Flywheel FrameworkTM to examine your company formation and related documents; determine which advisory services you need (and don’t need); and generate action items—including what to do on your own if you don’t hire us.

Daily legal support:

Corporate governance, contracts, M&A, and employment law

We can create employment and vendor contracts, design operating agreements and processes, support M&A, help ensure HR functions are locked down, and more. We’ll even help you negotiate key deals.

Tools to build your team

Grow to the point of needing a full-time lawyer or legal team? We’ll be thrilled for you—and even help you find and vet candidates, plus support onboarding.

Education + training

Process + workflow management

What makes our experience distinct.

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Don’t see what you need?