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Finally, a business lawyer who focuses as much on “business” as “lawyer.”

Most lawyers just do law. And that makes perfect sense.

But Koby believes a business lawyer should do more.

So as a business lawyer who’s also a business owner, entrepreneur, and educator, she walks the talk.

Like you, Koby’s in business. She studies business. She firmly believes that your company’s general counsel should actually help you make more money. She’s always innovating—and helps her clients innovate, too.

Koby Wilbanks, Fractional Chief Legal Officer & Continuum Legal founder

Our broad business & legal experience fosters a singular Continuum client experience:

  • A tireless commitment to your entire business—not just legal concerns
  • Clear communication, with minimal legalese
  • Transparency at every turn, including transcriptions of each meeting
  • A fiduciary duty that always puts your  interests first
  • Education that empowers you and your team
  • A straightforward, streamlined, largely virtual process free of bottlenecks
  • Access to our vast network of bankers, accountants, fractional execs, coaches, and fellow attorneys who fast-track all sorts of projects
  • Responsive service (including a Calendly link—a rarity in legal circles!)

“…I appreciate how [Koby is] collaborative and team driven…”
- John Albers | President and CEO, Albers Aerospace

Continuum Founder Koby Wilbanks’ education:

  • Doctor of Law, University of Houston Law Center
  • B.S., Texas A&M, Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Koby’s undergrad and legal training allows her to bring deep insights into how effective teams and organizations work.